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The Dirty Secrets Of ‘Clean’ Electric Vehicles

The State of Energy discusses the recent article by Forbes about the dirty secrets of “clean” electric vehicles. We also share news about Uhaul providing 1 million gallons of renewable propane for vehicles use in California. Renewable propane is derived from renewable sources such as beef fats, vegetable oils, grease residue and other biomass feedstocks. It boasts a lower carbon intensity than traditional propane while providing similar performance metrics. Renewable propane also has one of the lowest carbon intensity scores compared to gasoline, diesel and compressed natural gas, thus reducing harmful contributors to greenhouse gases.

To learn more about renewable propane you can attend The Path to Renewable Propane conference a live, virtual event that explores the many opportunities for propane to provide sustainable energy. This online conference will bring together hundreds of individuals and companies that want to learn from the thought leadership in propane energy.

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