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Space X and Bio Propane Rockets

Space X and Bio Propane Rockets.
One rocket launch produces as much emissions as an average car over 200 years!
SpaceX alone is planning to launch 12,000 satellites in the next seven years. Kind of an oxymoron to run a supposedly clean electric vehicle manufacturer and a dirty space x company at the same time….
Can Bio Propane be the solution to keeping space exploration clean?
“Climate change is real, and we don’t want to make it worse,” said Chris Larmour, chief executive of British rocket maker Orbex. The start-up, founded in 2015 and which has a contract with U.S. launch integrator TriSept Corp., uses bio-propane that it says can cut CO2 emissions by 90% compared with traditional launch fuel.
We would love to get Elon Musk on our show to discuss how propane can do that!
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