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Hundreds of Millions available for propane vehicles

The DOT announces the opportunity for states and local governments to apply for 1.22 billion for the 2023 Low/no emissions grant program. 25% or approximately 300 million is set aside for low emissions vehicles other than electric. This program is for states, local, and tribal governmental authorities that operate fixed-route bus services. The program will provide up to 85% of the purchase price for a propane-powered shuttle or bus and up to 90% of the refueling infrastructure.

Blue Castle Project. The Nuclear power plant, proposed in the desert of eastern Utah, would require 55,000-acre feet of water from the green river that feeds the drought-ridden colorado river system that supplies Glen canyon and Hover hydro dams. Sixteen years in the planning, costs have rose from 3 billion to 30+ billion.
This project shows how long nuclear power plants take to go from concept to producing power. This plant could have been open in the next 10 to 15 years but with the financial and water woes, this facility will most likely never produce a drop of clean energy.,Holdings%20(BCH)%20in%202009.

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