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California Executive Order allows Dirty Electricity for Labor Day Weekend

Dirty electricity is expected to greet California residents for Labor Day heat relief. 

California Executive Order signed by Gov Newsom allows ships docked at port to use gasoline/diesel ship power instead of shore power. The EO also suspends emissions restrictions at gas power plants, allows generators to run during restricted times, and allows thermal power plants to pollute more water. While asking residents not to cook, clean clothes, and charge cars. This is just days after the California Clean Air Board bans sales of gas-powered cars by 2035. Meanwhile, begging PG&E's Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant to stay open until 2035 with a $1.4 Billion forgivable loan after pushing for years for it to close by 2025.

Let this be a lesson to surrounding states when pushing to remove clean fuels like Propane from your Clean Energy portfolio. 

 Green War on Clean Energy
Californians told not to charge cars 

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